Design your life with us

We create rest areas to dive and enjoy in a natural environment with integrated exotic and timeless structures. We have a team of professional designers and craftsmen who will guarantee the best result.


We offer a 10 years guarantee on our material used and the craftmanship.


We control the entire process, starting from obtaining quality reed to the final construction and delivery to the customer.


We make sure that our designs are specific for each of our clients.


We take care of meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, taking responsibility and demonstrating a mentality of service and effective effort.


We count on qualified personnel to help you no matter the circumstances or condition of your plot to obtain the perfect and most efficient solution you need.

Reed roof

The thatch roof improves the appearance of the structures, giving a tropical feel which is inviting and modern. The reed is also ideal for commercial projects and is frequently used as a material for beach bars, houses, pool bars and leisure centers, offering an authentic tropical feel.

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Our parasol give you the elegance of natural and exotic materials that only help to improve your gardens and pools giving them a unique ambience. These parasols have the advantage of being very resistant to different weather conditions. This allows for lower temperatures in the summer and warmer temperatures in the winter! Simple, quick & safe thanks to our highly qualified team!

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Timber decking

We use a wood that does not lose its colour or deform in the sun or rain. It is non-slip thanks to small grooves and is suitable to be placed at the foot of an outdoor shower or around your swimming pool. It is also very resistant to moistureand chlorine. It does not require maintenance.

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Our construction will provide you a relaxing shaded area that is ideal forresting, hanging out with families and friends. Also the Pergola provides a personal touch of uniqueness to the outside of your garden and terrace that you will enjoy.

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About our company

Utropical is a leader in design, construction and installation of exclusive timber and reed structures. The company is located in Mijas and has as destiny the Spanish market, where we are offering a wide range of products made with African reed and similar materials. We provide pergolas, reed roofs, wooden floors and complementary decorations. It is an innovative, dynamic and forward – looking company, providing a team with high experience in the field. We put at your disposal the best imported products to guarantee the best quality and resistance in our constructions. We create rest areas to immerse yourselves and enjoy in a natural environment of exotic and timeless integrated structures.


We use the best products of natural origin in all our constructions putting great emphasis on the quality of the materials, as well as in the control of the projects. Our main building materials are south African reed (thamnochortus insignis) and pine wood (pinus radiata). The raw material grows in a small area of the Western Cape province located in South Africa. This material provides a natural design, with modern structures and shapes . This product is ideal for roofs because of it´s waterproofing and insulating properties, providing maximum efficiency so it keeps the interior warm in winter and cool in summer, achieving differences up to 10 ºC between the exterior and also offers protection against UV radiation. The woods used are treated against insects and are resistant to adverse climatic factors.

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